Welcome to 2021! New Themed Weekends, Same Great Hits!

HitOldies starts it’s 12th year as your home of the hits!  Our first weekend of 2021 was a smash!  It was a “Countdowns” Weekend as we looked back upon five decades of music and gave it the Ryan Seacrest treatment – only better!

Now as we look forward to the rest of the year, you can look forward to those same Classic Hits you remember but never stopped loving remaining part of your day.  We won’t change format on you, and we will try to give you something fresh to think about each day, in a positive way!

We’re the station everybody can listen to!  Whether you love the Beatles or the Beastie Boys, we’ve got it all.  Stay with us on Twitter & Facebook and listen on Radio.net and the TuneIn Player!

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