This season’s WNBC Time Machine includes airchecks from the early and mid 1970s, the 80s and a new interview with Big Jay Sorensen. Contributors include Bob Gilmore and Frank Cipola.

The full schedule for this weekend is as follows:

Friday 10/28/22

4pm – WNBC, The First 66 Years
6pm – Steve West
9pm – Steve Garren

Saturday 10/29/22

12am – Classic WNBC Airchecks
5am – Steve West “Coffee Hour”
6am – Magic Matt Craig
9am – Brett Provo
12pm – Richie Norris
3pm – Auston Douglas
6pm – Robby Bridges
9pm – Allen Beebe

Sunday 10/30/22
12am “Time Machine Rewind” – previous original WNBC Time Machine programs
6am – Steve Garren
9am – Willie Bee
12pm – Gary James
3pm – The Best of Dale Parsons
6pm – Interview with Big Jay Sorensen
7pm – Chris DiPaola, recorded Memorial Day, 2022.

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Thank you and I hope you enjoy the WNBC Time Machine Weekend!

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