HitOldies Personalities Help Celebrate The 74th Anniversary of WLAM Lewiston-Auburn (Audio and Video)

The Date: Saturday, September 25, 2021. WLAM celebrates the 74th anniversary of it’s first broadcast by bringing back the top 40 format it had in the 1960s and 1970s. The actual date of WLAM’s first broadcast was September 3, 1947. There are no recordings that we know of that event. But we did have airchecks of the station in the mid and late 70s. Going by that, Bob Gilmore, Robby Bridges and Steve West brought back the format that so many in Central Maine remember.

From one of the old jocks who was at WLAM in its heyday, “WLAM was THE go-to music station in much of Central Maine, at least until 98 JBQ became popular on FM” Armed with that knowledge and a 5kw signal that blankets most of Maine, and at night, the Canadian Maritimes and even Norway, we set out to entertain as they did in the old days!

We’ll post ALL the shows once they are edited. They are in the player below.

Now, a teaser. A scoped video version of Robby Bridges 7pm show from our Airchexx Classic Radio YouTube Channel (below)

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