The HitOldies Top 500 of All Time

This year, for the first time since 2016, HitOldies presents the Top 500 of All-Time Countdown!

Join us Saturday, May 29 at 7am as Daniel Coulombe kicks it off live on HitOldies and 88.9 CJMQ Sherbrooke!  Our Top 500 list is a blend of U.S. and Canadian chart songs, as HitOldies is a hybrid U.S. and Canadian online station!

This year, we will air the countdown for all three weekend days, with a few exceptions:

Saturday 10-11pm – “New York’s Best Rock” with Magic Matt
Saturday 11pm-Sunday 1am – “Top 40 Timeline” Weekend Edition with Big Daddy

Sunday 5-6pm – “New York’s Best Rock” with Magic Matt
7pm-Monday 1am – “that thing” with Rich Appel

The Personality schedule for Memorial Day weekend is as follows:

(subject to last-minute changes)
7am-12pm – Daniel Coulombe // 88.9 CJMQ
12-2pm – Isaac Shane // 88.9 CJMQ
2-3pm – Bob Gilmore
3-5pm – Steve West
5-8pm – Auston Douglas
8-10pm – Ted Silver // 88.9 CJMQ
10-11pm – Matt Craig (Non-countdown show)
11pm-1am – Russ Horton (Non-countdown show)

5-7am – “Airchexx Live” with Steve West (Non-countdown show)
7-9am – Steve Garren
9am-12pm – Daniel Coulombe
12-2pm – Brett Provo
2-5pm – Bob Gilmore
5-6pm – Matt Craig (Non-countdown show)
6-7pm – Steve West
7pm-Monday 1am – “that thing” with Rich Appel (Non-countdown show)

6-10am – Steve Garren
10am-12pm – Steve West
12-6pm – Daniel Coulombe

View the complete Top 500 list HERE at this link.

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