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Update: 05.26.24

Hi everyone! For those of you who have been paying attention, yes. None of the weekday schedule happened as planned. However, the DJ’s ARE back! Scroll to the bottom of this page to read up on what happened, and what’s to come!

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Here’s our Weekend Schedule:


7am to 12pm – Daniel Coulombe
12pm to 4pm – Frank Cavallaro
4pm to 6pm: – Ryan Duran – “Grooveline
6pm to 7pm: – New York’s Best Rock” with Matt Craig (Previous Week’s Program)
7pm to 10pm: – The WGAM Time Machine with Steve West 
10pm to 12am – Dan Sweeney – “One Hit Wonders”



12am to 9am: HitOldies Music
9am to 1pm: Daniel Coulombe
1pm to 4pm: Isaac Shane
4pm to 6pm: Grooveline
6pm to 7pm: New York’s Best Rock” with Matt Craig (CURRENT SHOW)
7pm to 9pm: Russ Horton – “Top 40 Timeline”
9pm to 11pm: Russ Horton – “Top 40 Timeline

Weekdays (beginning May 27, 2024)

12am to 6am: HitOldies Music
6am to 10am: The Steve Garren Morning Blend
10am to 2pm: Jeff Butler
2pm to 6pm: Rockin’ Richie Norris
6pm to 10pm: TBD

Who are the HitOldies Personalities?  CLICK HERE to find out! 

The next WNBC Time Machine airs Labor Day Weekend 2024!

Check back often for more details about this exciting event held ONLY here on HitOldies!

I’ve found that the TuneIn Player is NOT working.   Apparently, TuneIn has hijinked the stream and we can’t get it to play our HitOldies audio… just something else.   Please use the Online Radio Box instead.




We have another website and a different kind of online station dedicated to Amateur Radio and Shortwave Listening.

Go to K1FRC.COM.

So, here’s what happened.

This all began back in December of 2023.  The week before Christmas, I attempted to install a major update to our playout software, Station Playlist.  Things did not go quite as planned.   Instead of this being a simple software upgrade, it totally wiped out the entire format I’d built for HitOldies, going back to 2000.   All of the categories for music, jingles, production, plus the music rotation – everything was wiped.   We were left with a blank slate, and I had to completely build the format from scratch.   

From this point, you have to go back to September of 2023.  I replaced my old DSL internet connection with fiber optic internet.   This introduced a new modem that I’d never had to configure port forwarding in.   Compounding that problem was the fact that Frontier, our internet provider, left the old router in the circuit, because it now functioned solely as a router and not a combo router/internet access point.   So, opening the proper ports and forwarding traffic to the audio player was no longer a simple matter.   Now, it WORKED when I did port forwarding with that new modem and old router in combination with a different playout system that we used at a different station I was OM for, Total Hits USA.   For that, we used Playout One in conjunction with Music 1, and I managed to get that one working fairly quickly.  But Station Playlist…. nope.   On the longtime computer that I’ve been using for HitOldies, nothing worked, no combination of open ports, or ip addresses would work to allow the HitOldies staff to get through the Windows firewall in order to track their shows.  (And yes, we do track, out of necessity).

The solution ended up being rather expensive, but it worked.   I purchased a new computer, as our old one tended to be slow and fairly old… 6 years old.  12 gigs of ram (which is more than sufficient to run Station Playlist) and a collection of 2 and 4 TB hard drives containing SIX music libraries, from a number of legendary radio stations.   The NEW computer… lets just say I could run the NASA space program with it!   96 Gigs of ram, 12 TB hard drive… positively the fastest machine I’ve ever owned.   Might end up being the LAST machine I ever own, too.   In the end I had to open the correct ports not only on the new machine, but in the old router and the new internet fiber optic box as well.   

It WORKS!  And beginning Monday, Memorial Day…. you’ll hear our jox once again, along with our updated format.    That’s the story and I’m stickin’ to it!

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