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Here’s our Weekend Schedule:


7am to 12pm – Daniel Coulombe
12pm to 4pm – Frank Cavallaro
4pm to 6pm: – Nick Barnes – “UK Chartbusters
6pm to 8pm: – Larry Kratka – “Nothing But Old 45s
8pm TO 10pm – “Saturday Night Live” with Ted Silver



12am to 9am: HitOldies Music
9am to 1pm: Daniel Coulombe
1pm to 4pm: Isaac Shane
4pm to 6pm: HitOldies Music
6pm to 7pm: “New York’s Best Rock” with Matt Craig

Weekdays (beginning March 4, 2024)

12am to 6am: HitOldies Music
6am to 10am: The Steve Garren Morning Blend
10am to 2pm: Steve West
2pm to 6pm: Rockin’ Richie Norris
6pm to 10pm: Jeff Butler

Who are the HitOldies Personalities?  CLICK HERE to find out! 

The next WNBC Time Machine airs Labor Day Weekend 2024!

Check back often for more details about this exciting event held ONLY here on HitOldies!

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The HitOldies 60s, 70s, 80s & a touch of the 90s can be heard by using the TuneIn player below. I’ll add other listening options shortly!

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Our SECOND channel gives you a unique perspective on what’s on the air besides AM / FM and internet feeds – SHORTWAVE!

I’m Steve and I’m a licensed Amateur Radio operator.  My call sign is K1FRC.  You might have heard me on the ham bands.   Welcome to my internet station!

You never know what I’ll be listening to, or where my radio will be operating. But whatever it’s tuned to, you’ll hear it on this feed. Be advised, sometimes you’ll hear conversations, sometimes a shortwave station from someplace in Europe, South America or even China, and sometimes, I’ll be ‘working’ digital modes, in which case, all you’ll hear is digital tones. I know, annoying! But if you wonder what this radio picks up, its everything from way below the AM broadcast band down to 100 kHz up to the top of the 6 meter band. This radio will tune up to 59 mHz, which is well above the former analog TV channel 2. It’s on 24/7, unless I leave for more than a day, in which case I’ll shut it off and simulcast the main HitOldies channel.  


I hope you REALLY enjoy it!
73, de K1FRC

Click BELOW for the K1FRC Shortwave and Ham Shack Live Feed

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K1FRC Shortwave and Ham Shack LIVE!


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