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HitOldies IS the hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s. We play only the top hits from the biggest artists from the mid-70s through the mid-90s in a blend that’s PERFECT for at-work listening! In addition to all this great music, we also have a great lineup starting soon:


The All-New Steve Garren BLEND. A mix of music hand-picked by Mr. Garren himself that we’re sure you’ll like! Weekdays 6-10am.

10-2pm HitOldies welcomes Rhonda Blake! Rhonda will be our new midday personality here on HitOldies, playing the perfect blend of 70s-90s hits to get you through lunchtime – no matter what time zone you happen to be in!

2-6pm. To Be Announced.

6pm-midnight it’s the WBLQ Time Machine! Join us as we re-create the sound of the old WNBC Time Machine created by Dale Parsons. Steve West has re-assembled the format pieces and we bring it to you every weeknight. This is an ORIGINAL HitOldies format, custom built for Stereo 1230 and 103.1 WBLQ Westerly RI!

Midnight-6am: Soft Rock. All the Yacht Rock, Lite Rock and lite pop songs you need to get a restful sleep. We’ll play em for you in the early morning hours as the whole of North America sleeps!

WEEKENDS are special, too! In addition to our own staff of talented radio personalities, HitOldies is home to four Canadian broadcasters from 88.9 CJMQ Sherbrooke, Que. Daniel Coulombe, Isaac Shane, Franco Cavallaro and Ted Silver. They are the founders of HitOldies from when our station was just a 3 hour show in Canada, then expanded over the years. HitOldies is also home to Toronto’s own “Big Daddy” Russ Horton. Russ is an aircheck collector and trader, presenting his own collection of radio airchecks. He also owns and operates three stations serving the Halton Hills region north of Toronto, and is the CEO of the “Air Radio Network”. Pretty impressive credentials for a guy who has worked in radio on BOTH sides of the Atlantic!

Coming soon, I’ll be updating this website to fix the Personalities page and our new detailed program schedule. Stay with us in 2023 as we grow!

Thanks for coming to HitOldies. Enjoy your stay!

Steve West
Owner and CEO
HitOldies – The Best Blend of Classic Hits!



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